Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Affiliate Program In

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Do you know what is affiliate program?
Affiliate program is that we give you unique identification code that you added to your links, any one click on your links to our website shopping will give you high commission.

If you not trust? Some guy can gain 3000usd+ each month only one day put 1hrs?

If you are a good writer, a good forum player, a good blog owner, a good site owner, an active user of social networking groups.
I think you are the right person this system. When you usually playing now also can make money.

What is special in FCT affiliate program? 

(1) As long as you post one time, it will gain money for you forever,your link forever work in our system.
(2) If you monthly investment in little time, perhaps it will makes big money for you.
(3) It is free join, all system is very simple, use few mins read guide you will know how to do.
(4) You can pick up money as you wish anytime.
(5) This is an open and fair system,you can instant check income detail online every day.
(6) Our surprised Big-Generals System,Let you be a real boss easy gain big money from other guys in program.

Super long time referral link cookie ! Long to 60days!

The time your referred customers open the referral link, a cookie will leave in their computer and keeps valid long to 60 days.
If they come back to purchase after initial visit you will still receive the commission.
So any guy click your links in 60 days shopping on our website you will get commission and he will work for you forever. (detail please read what is our big-Generals system)

Super high commissions!
You will get this order total 5%-10% CASH Commissions!
We pay high to 5-10%* of the product price for ever sale

Value-added plan (Per Month)
 a. If your commission is below 2000usd (Total bonus you get this month our system will show you list), the profit will be 5%.
 b. 2000-3500usd will be 6%.
 c. 3500-5000usd will be 8%.
 d. Over 5000usd will be 10%. the main selling tablet PCs, mobile phones and other high-grade electronic products,Therefore, the value of each order in 200-300 USD .
Because of low wholesale prices, so the high turnover rate of orders.
Some website maybe tell you more % but infact price too higher you did much work but no guy or few guy want to buy so you lost time.
And maybe they sell is very cheap small things you did same work same order number in fact arrived your hands money is few.
This is why we said we offer is super high commissions!

Super simple commission calculation earn
Please note that the amount that the commission is calculated on does not include the shipping fee..
Here is an example of the commission calculation:

SAMSUNG s5 479.99$ + (22$ shipping fee) Commision = (479.99*10%) = 47.99$
So one order you gain 47.99 USD by one shopping!!

Imagine there are only 5 people who shop here then 
you can get$ 240 in one month
SUPERB !!!!!